Philosophies of net art works based on hyperlinks

Both microhypertext and macrohypertext have infinite character. By microhypertext I understand hypertext based artworks, singular hypertexts and macrohypertext is the one infinite interactive system WWW. The infinite character is reppresented by multiple doors and chances of navigation that can lead us to another page or another part of the site. Hypertext is not a closed  system defined by established limits; it is an open structure, available to all, a true and lively network of connections that expands with every new site or hyperlink.
From this infinite journey there is no return. The art of hypertext, born in the 1990s, is now blooming, not only in the world of net art but also in a wider context of WWW. The infinity is shown not only in the theories of scientists and art critics who analyze the decentralized nature and non-linear character of hypertext, but also in the fact that the great expansion of the hypertext from a very limited network in the 90’s has become a huge universe with an increasing number of new links and sites.
This endless journey can be associated with life. This metaphor is very beautiful because living as if it was no death is a feeling of infinity that we breathe every day. From another point of view, to live as if death was not the end of everything gives us the similar impression. This is about the spirit of being young. Even though the experience of hypertext has a few dozen years old, it is always new because it is infinite.


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