Hypertext is an abstract painting

keywords [translation]

wall muro
mirror spegulo
dress vestita
chair seĝo
body korpo
cat kato
love love
loop maŝo
slow malrapida
kiss kiso
death morto
apple pomon
orange oranĝo
teleportate teletransportada
intimity malfinio
privacy Privateco
room ĉambro
home Hejmo
wine luno
amusing amuza
freedom libero
web retejo
internet interreto
build konstrui
art arto


The idea of creating cognitive hypertext maps comes from the need to view  networks that hypertext creates in our minds. The philosophy of hyperlinks is based on research of decentralisation and simultaneously invokes the non-linear thinking that comes from  abstract painting theories.
The project of the live performance is the projection on the video of the navigation of hypertext website created online Hipertext is an abstract painting. The page is composed of links at the bottom that are the keywords in esperanto. Clicking each word in order, the mental map of my hypertext (each of us has his own personal hypertext that is a part of macrohypertext, WWW) is with every step more and more abstract and finaly becomes the digital informal framework. The video is accompanied by the sound, the voice of the reader Google Translator in esperanto. The text (audio) is about this project and hypertext based art, keywords and the sound are  more abstract, non-linear and distracted. During the projection of the video I draw a cognitive map that is based on text entries and with time it becomes more and more abstract.

Esperanto is a language that is not natural, but one created by idealists and utopians to be the thread of communication between nations. It is a very beautiful language and the philosophy of the people who created it is very interesting. The language has almost disappeared, it inspires me because its essence is to create new languages and engage people to paricipate and build a new lines of comunication.

The path towards abstraction sybolises the history of  hypertextual thought that gets more distracted and abstract, more decentralized and non-linear. Psychologically hypertext is very abstract, there are no accurate voices, we are lost among thousands of hyperlinks and nodes. Abstraction is the metaphor of the informal structure of hyperlinks that exists not only in the digital world but also enters in our imagination and influences and changes our way of thinking.


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