Ipertestualmente.org – space for hypertext based art

Hypertext and its visual rappresentation – rhizome – show us the infinite journey of possibilities in textual navigation and in hypermedia which also  includes  multimedia content.


This project created by Oliwia Bławat contains research about hypertext-based works of art and philosophies of net art works based on hyperlinks. Every work of net art based on hypertext is an infinite journey of possibilities. It also emphasise the decentralized and endless character of the Internet.

Hypertextual sensitivity is something that had began long before the electronic hypertext was invented. I created this website to show some most important aspects of art based on hypertext. There are many different artists that use classical electronic hypertext, but I would also like to show here works based on hypermedia, like cyber cinema or web cinema or other works that are based on images.

The reason why the website is divided into single parts is to show diffrent ways of thinking about hypertext like history, philosophy, navigation, cognitive maps and the connection between hypertext based art and videogames. One of the parts includes the small gallery of hypertext based works of art.

This might seem an insufficiently specified field of research, and one could say that nowadays hypertext is everywhere in the computer. All software is based on hypertext, as are almost all interfaces, the graphical browser is build on it and so on.  In my opinion this is a reason why hypertext works of art are innovative and have an impact on the digital world.


The simple map shows the evolution of hypertext from single link to more complex form known as hypermedia.

The selection of hypertext based art will be updated as soon as I will find some new interesting artworks.


 Oliwia Bławat

June 2015

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